Highway Driving Tips Martinsburg WV

Highway Driving Tips Martinsburg WV

Highway Driving Tips Martinsburg WV

Get a Highway Safe Vehicle here at CMA’s CDJR of Martinsburg

No matter where you travel across the globe, you’re bound to encounter someone behind the wheel driving in a less-than-stable manner. This phenomenon becomes more noticeable when you venture onto the highways. Ensuring the safety of both you and your fellow passengers must always be your top priority whenever you take control of a vehicle. With this in mind, the team at CMA’s CDJR of Martinsburg has put together a handful of vital pointers that will be useful the next time you hit the interstate.

Buckle Up

Whenever you slide into the driver’s seat of your vehicle, make sure you buckle up your seatbelt – no matter where your journey takes you. Remember, in numerous states, neglecting to fasten your seatbelt can lead to getting pulled over by the police, resulting in fines and points on your license. However, your safety is the paramount reason for strapping in beyond legal consequences. Should you ever find yourself in a collision, that seatbelt might be the factor that shields you from significant injuries. And don’t forget; it’s a crucial lesson to instill in your child as they embark on their driving journey.

Speeding Is Dangerous

When you spot a speed limit sign, remember it’s not just a suggestion – it’s the maximum legal speed for that stretch of road. Going over the posted speed limit can trigger fines, legal expenses, court fees, and more points on your license. As you cruise along most highways, you might encounter signs indicating a “Minimum Speed Limit.” These signs ensure traffic flows smoothly at a reasonable pace, and they’re enforced just like the top speed limits. Regardless of the vehicle you’re driving, speeding comes with consequences. It reduces your ability to control the vehicle effectively and diminishes the effectiveness of your safety features. This combination increases the likelihood of losing control and getting into an accident. Stay within the limits to keep yourself and others safe on the road.

When in Construction Zones

When you drive through a construction zone, things can get a bit more complex with narrower lanes, flaggers directing traffic, workers around, and various construction vehicles sharing the road. It’s important to note that breaking traffic rules within a work zone often results in doubled fines, and in certain states, it could even lead to jail time. As you approach a construction zone, adhere to the designated speed limit and be prepared to reduce your speed even more if necessary. Additionally, always follow the instructions given by the flaggers on duty and only change lanes when it’s safe to do so based on the road markings and current traffic conditions. Watch for unexpected occurrences like workers, equipment, or vehicles entering your lane without warning. It’s equally crucial to stay attentive when driving at night or during inclement weather, as limited visibility and shifting traffic patterns can create risky situations. Stay cautious and considerate in these conditions to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

Never Drive Distracted

When you’re in control behind the wheel, your primary concern should be ensuring the safe operation of your vehicle. The more your attention wavers, the greater the chance of getting caught up in an accident. Activities like using your phone while driving can be hazardous. It’s not just about diverting your eyes from the road; your hands leave the wheel, and your mind drifts away from the task at hand. To put it in perspective, taking your gaze off the road for a mere five seconds is ample time to travel the length of a football field when cruising at 55 mph. And let’s face it; you wouldn’t want to slam on the brakes at that speed suddenly. So, remember, staying focused and undistracted is the key to a safe journey.

Avoid Being Tired

Hitting the highway can wear you down, especially when you throw in stuff like not getting enough shut-eye, feeling drained, or dealing with stress. It’s a recipe for disaster if you drift off while driving. Remember that driving when you’re wiped out is basically like driving under the influence. But here’s the silver lining – you can sidestep that highway fatigue if you plan ahead. Either catch some Z’s before you hit the road or take regular pit stops during your journey. We’re talking about giving yourself a breather every 90 minutes or so. It’s your chance to stretch your legs, grab a bite, or hit the restroom. And listen up: if you ever find yourself on the verge of nodding off or struggling to keep your eyes open, do yourself a favor and scope out a safe spot to pull over and recharge. Your safety is worth every pause.

Service Your Vehicle at CMA’s CDJR of Martinsburg

While these pointers can be beneficial, they won’t hold much weight if your vehicle isn’t ready for highway cruising. Before you hit the open road, make a pit stop at CMA’s CDJR of Martinsburg and let our skilled technicians give your vehicle a thorough once-over to make it perform like a champ. Whether it’s a basic oil change, a tire rotation, or something more intricate, rest assured our pros will handle it with precision and speed. Booking an appointment is a breeze – swing by our dealership or fill out a form on our website.